Last make of 2017

How apt, my first post for the blog and first post for 2018 is for my last make of 2017.
My youngest is in love with this style of beach (or board) shorts. Came across them in an issue of Love Sewing Magazine and this is my 4th make from this pattern.

I have made some changes to the construction technique as I have gone along.  Initially I found all the bias binding quite bulky around the waist. So in later pairs, I don’t take the binding all way around the sides.  The side that gets hidden by the overlap is just overlocked.

Also, rather than turning a waistband then inserting the elastic, I now overlock the elastic to the waist band and turn that before stitching.

It is a quick pattern to cut out and sew.  Just needs some patience with getting the binding to go nicely around the curves.  I suspect I will be making a few more pairs, but I will need to learn some pattern grading so I can size them up more than the existing pattern

I find it interesting that I don’t make what I expect from the sewing magazines, the girls tend to want/need something, then I go back through the magazines to see if there is a pattern to suit20171230_110143